The Vaped Crusader

Welcome to the blog for the Vaped Crusader.     Very much like Bruce Wayne, I fight crime, I fight corruption and, hopefully, I save lives and all without donning a tight fitting rubber suit (well, only on the weekends).

You see, there are some very bad people in this world.   People who, in their quest for power and money, disregard the lives of others, people who sell products that they KNOW are killing millions all over this planet and pour huge sums of money into protecting their right to sell these products.

Because these products cause such damage to such huge sections of the population, there are other bad people that sell medicines to treat the effects of those products.   They want you to keep buying and using the products because, if you don’t, you will no longer buy their medicines and they will lose money.

There are also some terrible people that go by the name of politicians.  Some of them are especially bad because their job is to protect you, to help shape and manage a society where the people are happy, healthy and productive yet many of them receive huge sums of money from the people that make the products and make the medicines, helping to ensure that they can continue to sell them, knowing that they’re helping to facilitate killing people and profiting from their illnesses.

The vaped crusader will reveal the truth behind their lies,  expose their motives, uncover their corruption and allow the facts to speak louder than the propaganda.

Smoking kills.   They know this and they don’t want people to stop.  Because it makes them too much money.

This is, by far, the greatest crime against humanity that has ever been committed.    And it must be stopped.

The Vaped Crusader

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