Don’t drink the Water



I saw this picture on facebook recently, it followed a similar image I saw describing the dangers of oxygen.

Whilst there is both humourous and scientific entertainment value to be gleaned from the photo what I like about it is that it exposes the ridiculousness of the common or garden anti vaping meme or link that gets rattled around the interweb by Daily Fail readers .

The point is, behind all of the click grabbing headlines about popcorn lung and cancer, EVERYTHING is harmful to  you – at a certain point.

Likewise EVERYTHING is not harmful to you – at a certain point.

  • Arsenic – not harmful to you – at a certain point
  • Cyanide – not harmful to you – at a certain point
  • Nicotine – YOU GET THE PICTURE

Some Arsenic, yesterday (looks like a transformers dick)

And on the flipside – all of these things will kill you – at a certain point (this is not an exhaustive list)

oranges, water, air, oxygen, milk, potatoes, cheese, broccoli, pasta, ice cream, apples, crisps (chips if you’re in the U States of America), cereal bars, pot noodles, your own fingernails, life.

I said it wasn’t an exhaustive list.

So, whilst I do not encourage the sharing of ANY anti vaping propaganda, I do encourage the sharing of any photos that parody the stupidity of the bad science these trashy media outlets regurgitate

Share, comment, like, love, hate, speak, FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO VAPE!!!!!!




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