More infuriating no vaping signs

Two years ago, they were as rare as unicorn eggs but now, in retail establishments, public houses and *gulp* workplaces, “NO VAPING” signs are cropping up all over the place.

Maybe they’re like gremlins.   We should just stop feeding them after midnight.   Come on, own up, who’s been feeding the signs after midnight?

Oh, yeah, you there, Mr Tabloid, it’s you isn’t it.   You’ve been feeding those signs, printing lies in your newspaper.

You there, miss management at a national pub chain, you read that newspaper don’t you.

Oi, Carol in HR, you’ve put up signs at work, most likely after midnight I’ll wager, because you’ve read the newspaper as well.

And more signs leads to more signs.   The more people see the signs, the more people think it’s normal to have the bloody signs.

Which leads me onto the fact that, where I work, they’ve put up, yeah, you guessed it………..SIGNS!!!!

Last year, there were no smoking signs up.  Since 2007 we’ve known that there’s no smoking indoors.  We don’t need signs.   We need those signs as much as we need signs that tell us not to defecate in poundland or murder people in a branch of Greggs.   Yes there’ll be a sign to be aware that the contents of our sausage and bean bake might be a little hot but, the other things are a given.

But, when I came back from my christmas break, the no smoking signs had been covered with new signs that said CTC_eCig-Poster


Firstly – analysing that statement, what the HELL does it mean?  I get the no smoking part but, if you’re stating that there’s no smoking – and that includes electronic cigarettes then you’re, by definition stating that electronic cigarettes ARE smoking.

Clearly that’s complete unicorn shit (I like writing about unicorns) for a start but, we can’t expect the makers of this sign – or the people that bought it to be informed enough to make the distinction between vaping and smoking.

If they were to realise that distinction, they would also realise that, in effect, the sign makes as much sense as having a sign that said:




Thanks for reading – please do share, follow, retweet, cast spells, whatever you wanna do.  Keep the information flowing – this – and humour is our greatest weapon in the fight against those who want to restrict our right to do something we enjoy, that causes no harm to those around us and STOPS MILLIONS OF PEOPLE SMOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





One thought on “More infuriating no vaping signs

  1. I hear ya, stupidity everywhere.
    Yes, the more signs that are up the more people will just get used to signs and ignore them hopefully…
    Just wondering who’s going to enforce that sign ? It’s not illegal so I don’t see how it’s possible.


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