This one quote unmasks drakeford

Sorry, no flashy pictures or anything this time, need to get these words out of my fingers.

So, today, a majority of Welsh politicians voted for an extended ban on the places that you can vape indoors in Wales.

A ban that they’re pushing ahead with, despite KNOWING that it’s causing all kinds of wrong – damaging local economies, sending out the message that vaping is the same as smoking and therefore leading to more people sticking to smoking, more deaths, more ignorance, more ridiculous needless bureaucracy, smugness, anger, having to see Mark Drakeford’s ridiculous toad like face on articles.

All kinds of wrong.

You can read more about it in this article, written by a proper newspaper and everything

And a welsh one at that

Out of that article one bit in particular stood out for me, one bit that seemed to pull the veil off his supposed “health” crusade.

“Assembly Members said if vaping was restricted to protect children from exposure to seeing the devices, why should drinking alcohol not be banned around young people.

But Prof Drakeford said the parallel was “utterly fallacious” saying he couldn’t turn the clock back on already steeped in society.”

There – he couldn’t turn the clock back on something already steeped in society.      This is about him wanting to have control over something.    He doesn’t give a rhino’s ringpiece about the outcome, it’s his idea and he’s running with it.

He’s also admitting that he knows alcohol causes a fuck ton of damage to children but he can’t be arsed to do anything about it.    So he’s going after an easy target and to hell with the consequences.

Toad faced buffoon

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And keep on vaping – INDOORS in Wales – how the beshizzle are they going to police it for a start?



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