Unattended Battery Charger Causes House Fire

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.30.27 PM

A father of two suffered horrific
burns to his face and arms after leaving
a rechargeable battery UNATTENDED
whilst charging.

The 30-year-old said it felt like
someone had held a blow torch to his
face during the 4.30am ordeal.



A blowtorch












He frantically put out the flames
with a pillow and gathered up his two
young kids and fiancee to get them
out of the house.
Despite repeated warnings in the
media NOT to leave batteries charging
whilst unattended, Kevin SLEPT
with the battery charging on his PILLOW.



A pillow – deadly if held over the face, choked with or repeatedly hit until eventually it caused a graze which turned infected

A source from the local fire department
“Every year, thousands of house
fires are caused by people leaving battery
chargers unattended. We urge
the public to thoroughly familiarise
themselves with the safety information
surrounding these products, to
always use the correct charger and
NEVER to sleep while their batteries
are charging. This includes mobile
phones, tablet computers, electronic
cigarettes – in fact anything with a
rechargeable battery”
Do YOU think rechargeable batteries
should be BANNED? Click below
to vote in our poll.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.47.22 PM

So, obviously this is a fake headline but, apart from the comment from the fake fire service “source” (like any “sources” in newspapers are ever real people), the rest of the story is true.

It’s a horrible thing to happen and the poor victim has my deepest sympathies.

Accidents happen all the time.   Caused by people, caused by nature, caused by pets, caused by electrical items, caused by CARS, for gods sake, there’s thousands of those kind of accidents EVERY DAY

But none of these things  (apart from the major ones) make the news.   In fact, if the headline in a newspaper appeared as the one in this post, it would barely make the first few pages of a local paper, let alone a large national paper with a huge readership.

The poor chap that’s the focus of this story has been vilified, abused and criticised online, not only is he having to deal with the injuries, he’s having to deal with an onslaught of vapers hurling crap at him.   People are angry that yet another story has come out that will be used by those in power to shape their ill informed decisions and read by the public who are becoming increasingly intolerant of vaping as a result.

I don’t want to get into the in’s and out’s of battery safety or user error or any of that business, it’s happened, what can he and us learn from it?

1 – Don’t leave charging batteries unattended
2 – If you don’t follow number 1 and cause a fire, please don’t sell your story to the papers

Vape safely people!

And thanks to everyone that has read my blog so far, shared it, commented on it and all that jazz.    The vaping community is getting despondent, we’ve not lost the fight.

And, even if they think they’ve won, we’ll do it anyway!


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Don’t drink the Water



I saw this picture on facebook recently, it followed a similar image I saw describing the dangers of oxygen.

Whilst there is both humourous and scientific entertainment value to be gleaned from the photo what I like about it is that it exposes the ridiculousness of the common or garden anti vaping meme or link that gets rattled around the interweb by Daily Fail readers .

The point is, behind all of the click grabbing headlines about popcorn lung and cancer, EVERYTHING is harmful to  you – at a certain point.

Likewise EVERYTHING is not harmful to you – at a certain point.

  • Arsenic – not harmful to you – at a certain point
  • Cyanide – not harmful to you – at a certain point
  • Nicotine – YOU GET THE PICTURE

Some Arsenic, yesterday (looks like a transformers dick)

And on the flipside – all of these things will kill you – at a certain point (this is not an exhaustive list)

oranges, water, air, oxygen, milk, potatoes, cheese, broccoli, pasta, ice cream, apples, crisps (chips if you’re in the U States of America), cereal bars, pot noodles, your own fingernails, life.

I said it wasn’t an exhaustive list.

So, whilst I do not encourage the sharing of ANY anti vaping propaganda, I do encourage the sharing of any photos that parody the stupidity of the bad science these trashy media outlets regurgitate

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Renormalising Normal


I watch films.   Some new films, some old films, some kind of in the middle films.   In summary, films from all ages.

And frequently in these films I see people – I think they’re called Actors, smoking.   Yes, that’s right, SMOKING (dramatic music of some kind)

Evil, evil SMOKING (more dramatic music)

So, we all know SMOKING is evil, yeah.   For me I’ve known smoking was evil, way back to the 1980’s when there were those superman posters with him battling “Nick O’ Teen” – an 80 a day or so smoker, quite possibly Irish with that surname who, for some reason, wanted to get everyone smoking.

Of course Superman always beat him, firstly because he’s Superman and secondly even a non-superman could beat an 80 a day smoker in a fight.

But, that aside, I know Smoking is evil, we all know smoking is evil but, you still see it in the movies.

Yes, probably a lot less than back in heady days of the 1950’s when everyone smoked in films, even children but still, smoking is a normal image in movies.kid-smoking

As it is on TV programmes.  And on the street, loads of people are doing it on the street, mainly because they can’t smoke indoors but you still see lots and lots of people smoking.

We know it’s unhealthy but, still, it is considered and, let’s face it always will be considered normal behaviour.

When you see a smoker you think “urgh, god that’s unhealthy”   You don’t think “Urgh, god that’s not normal”

So where does this notion of “Re-normalising” smoking come from.?

If vaping is “renormalising” smoking, please tell me, when did smoking stop becoming normal?  I want an exact date and time please.  Or at least a survey.   Yes, survey some people.   Even just 10 people.

1 Question, 2 Options:

Is smoking normal:


Actually, I’ll save you having to do the survey – IT’S NORMAL.

So you can’t renormalise something that’s normal.

There you go Mr Mark Drakeford – there’s the sort of version of science you can get your head around.    Use that in your policy making.




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Like superman.   Or Batman.  I’m getting my DC characters mixed up.


Don’t share lies



So, assuming we’ve all been on the internet a while, I’m sure you’ve all come across those shitty chain letter type social media posts.

“Forward this to 10 friends and something amazing will happen to you in the next 7 days and, if you don’t your feet will turn into parsnips”

Or something along those lines.

Well, most of us, or at least those of us with an element of logic or at the very least intelligence would think:

“This is just some crappy chain letter type thing, it has no control over my life, I shall just ignore it”

Those without logic or intelligence would forward it on, thereby perpetuating the situation by recruiting more logicless idiots to the cause.

No  harm done.

But, every time somebody shares that “E-Cigs Have 10x More Cancer Causing Ingredients Than Regular Cigarettes”  article, the potential harm could be far, far greater.

This article – with the exact same picture – has been doing the rounds for over a year at least now.


And, for every smoker that sees that, there’s a very strong chance they won’t make the switch to a far, far less harmful alternative.

There’s a very strong chance they won’t stop smoking

There’s a very strong chance they’ll die from smoking

So, when you share that article, you are sharing lies, you are sharing propaganda.  You are sharing the results of a flawed “scientific” study that was designed by people with a predetermined outcome in mind

  • to put people off electronic cigarettes, get them back on either pharmaceutically approved nicotine therapies or keep them smoking so they funnel lots of lovely tax money back into the government’s pockets

Do your research, don’t share sensationalist BULLSHIT

It’s not a matter of ridiculous chain-letter superstition, it’s a matter of people’s lives



please communicate!, debate, agree, disagree, shout, rant, encourage, share, campaign, fight, change!


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The Wibbly Wobbly World of Mark Drakeford


Hi Kids, my name is Mark Drakeford.    I am a “Politician”.    Politicians are special people that are chosen to make big, important decisions for less special people that are too stupid to think for themselves.

When I’m not being a “Politician” I spend my time riding my pet unicorn across technicoloured rainbows in a magical, two-mooned, pixie-filled land called Wales.unicorn

Wales is a beautiful place.   The sky is a stunning shade of purple, the clouds are made of candy floss and every animal sings a happy tune that sounds like a cross between the songs of “Frozen” and the Manic Street Preachers.

Wales also has a lot of people that smoke.   Smoking is bad.   Not only does it turn the candy floss clouds a weird yellowey colour, it also kills people and affects the singing ability of our animals so, I want it stopped.


Me Being Happy

Thing is, Wales (and lots of other countries around the world) make a lot of money from people smoking so, rather than stop it completely we put lots of laws and rules in place to “try” and get people to stop.    This makes us politicians look good and keeps me in a job.  That makes me happy.

One of these laws was to stop people smoking indoors.        Since the year 2007, if you smoked indoors in wales (apart from in your home or a friend’s home) a policeman would put you in Jail.   That would be bad – firstly because prison is bad and secondly because in the year 2016, if you’re put in Jail in Wales, you can’t smoke there either.   We haven’t yet decided what happens to you after that, maybe we’ll make a special super jail, just for smokers.

honlik vaping

Hon Lik, looking so attractive he makes me wanna SMOKE

Now, a few years ago, a nasty Chinese man called Hon Lik invented something called the “Electronic Cigarette”.   This confused me because, whilst I like electricity as it helps me to catch up on episodes of Pobol Y Cym, I most definitely DON’T like cigarettes.

Turns out that these Electronic Cigarettes make you feel like you’re smoking.   I don’t like that either.   Even worse they LOOK like you’re smoking.  I really, really don’t like that and neither does Aled (my pet unicorn).

One night, Aled and I were talking in bed and he came up with a brilliant idea.   “If these electronic cigarettes look and feel like smoking, maybe they’re going to make people START smoking and, if people can’t smoke indoors, maybe we should stop people using electronic cigarettes indoors as well”


Aled’s bedroom – with a funny cartoon pic of me dressed as a vicar on the wall

“Brilliant”  I thought.   “Not only are you an efficient and fabulous looking method of transportation, you’re also an excellent policy advisor – I know you have trouble typing with those hooves but, can you draft a bill so I can take it to my friends in the Welsh Government”

So, as Aled frantically hooved away at the keyboard, I got dressed up in my special Politician suit, made from the lung tissue of dead smokers and prepared to take “my” brilliant idea to the Welsh Government to make sure that nothing that looks like smoking ever takes place inside again in Wales (unless you’re in your house, or a friends house and providing that house isn’t being used by anyone doing a job or looking like they’re doing a job- this also includes Nicorette inhalers which, despite being a licenced medical product and prescribed by Doctors, in my mind look like smoking, blah blah blah, pffft, wibble, ping, ta dah)

On the way to the Welsh Parliament, sat astrode Aled’s back, whilst looking down at the green pastures of Wales and seeing his luminescent glitter trail cascading behind me I thought to myself –

“If I’m trying to stop people using electronic cigarettes indoors because it looks like smoking and, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary , believe that they are making people smoke, maybe I should draft up some other bills, just to be safe”

Unfortunately, for the last 4 months or so, Aled has been rather poorly, something to do with rectal bleeding or something so I’ve not been able to transport these new bills to the Welsh Parliament but, for your delectation and delight, here are my suggestions for some other things to ban:

  • Sugar – because it looks like Cocaine
  • Fruit – because it’s a healthier version of fast food and that will encourage people to eat fast food
  • Driving slowly – because that will encourage people to drive quickly
  • Walking on pavements – because that will encourage people to walk in the road
  • Water – because it encourages people to drink alcohol
  • Calpol – because it’s aggressively marketed to children and is a gateway drug
  • Staying alive (ha ha ha staying alive) because that will encourage people to be dead
    (although I can’t be THAT bothered about people being dead, given that I’m passing a bill that will help to increase smoking rates in Wales)

Sugar, basically makes you take crack and stuff

But that’s all for another day.

For now, I’m keeping myself busy with making up lies, quoting disproven “scientific” research and generally ignoring anyone that doesn’t agree with me.     Exhausting enough as it is.

And even though those fools in England who have used actual evidence to draft their policies state that vaping is up to 95% less harmful than smoking and is contributing to the biggest fall in smoking rates we have seen in modern times, I’m right, they’re wrong, na na na na, fingers in ears, can’t hear you, yeah.

Looks like smoking, causes smoking.   The sky is purple, we have two moons and I’m having an intimate sexual relationship with a Male Unicorn.

Thanks for reading

MD (It’s like I’m a doctor just because of my initials)


The Vaped Crusader 2015

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Scary, scary smoke


“Electronic Cigarettes” (I have to put the term in speech marks as I’m becoming sick of hearing it – carries too many negative connotations) have entered our society at a very sensitive time.

After years of campaigning, in 2007 the anti smoking pesterers (yes that is a word, despite wordpress underlining it and suggesting otherwise), finally got their way and had smoking banned indoors in the UK.

It took a while for a good portion of the population (the smokers) to get used to it, eventually most people, even most smokers warmed to the idea and now it would seem odd to walk into a pub and see people chugging away on a Benson.

For a number of years, the non smokers became increasingly used to their clean, smoke free lives.  Enjoying a pint without the ghastly spectre of filthy, cancerous cigarette smoke enveloping them, despite then walking outside the pub and being bathed in filthy, cancerous exhaust fumes.   But they’re ok with those..  Cancerous exhaust fumes help get their kids to school.   Plus you can’t really see them.

Fast forward to the year Marty McFly first rode a hoverboard and many of the former smokers are now – fortunately – vapers.  Pleased, happy vapers that can go back to many of the old pleasures of enjoying smoking with a pint, knowing it’s legal and, according to widely publicised research which is never read by anyone arguing for indoor vaping bans, completely harmless to those around them.

But some of the non smokers were getting annoyed.   Initially the backlash was purely from an angle of people thinking you were smoking indoors.  The 1st gen devices mostly looked like cigarettes and, naturally, due to the lack of knowledge about them, many thought you were smoking.

Now though, it’s got far worse.  The scare stories and outright lies that have been printed and submitted online have generated a completely unfounded fear for the vapour.   People are now believing that they contain 10x more cancer causing chemicals than traditional cigarettes.

As a result, premises are posting up ridiculous no vaping signs, concert venues (including wembley which is about 70% open roof) are banning them, the whole of bloody wales is looking likely to ban them indoors.   And why?

  • Because it looks like smoking
  • Because it will encourage non smokers to take up the habit
  • Because it undermines the clean air policy we’ve put in place since the indoor smoking ban
  • Because there’s a Y in the day
  • Because of the kids, these mysterious, non existent, virtuous, sinless children that WE MUST PROTECT

All of these reasons, including the last two have been completely disproven.    And all of these reasons have been used by Mark Drakeford as part of the bill to ban vaping indoors in Wales.

We need research to get out there, to shove it in peoples faces, to harass MP’s, to get on radio shows, tv, anything.   So people can be educated and informed, not scared.    The more public opinion grows against vaping, the worse the situation is going to get, particularly when this ignorance is reinforced by politicians passing completely unjust and harmful legislation.

The politicians need educating more than anyone!

Or, as seems to be the case, if they’re being presented with the evidence and choosing to ignore it, have some of them got a different – possibly financially motivated – agenda?

Policies based on cut and paste journalism


One thing that terrifies me about the media led smearing of vaping is that the effect it has on the populace and the effect which that then has upon political decisions.  Decisions that affect lives.   Decisions that, potentially increase deaths.   Which is bad, as I’m sure all of us aside from psychotic murderers and certain politicians, would agree.

And this “journalism”, released to the newspapers and websites by news agencies, given to them by lord knows who (and we’ve all seen what lords get up to this week!)  then gets passed on, abridged, sensationalised, misquoted and copied and pasted all over the world.

So you see a story that was posted on the Daily Fail 6 months ago, being requoted on other websites, the same story in the Daily Fail 2 weeks later with a different headline, focusing on different negative aspects.    Then it’ll pop up on your newsfeed, different article, different website, same words.

There is no journalism taking place, no journalists are investigating, just a couple of drop and drags, few retweets, move onto the next article, they’re like battery hens, plopping out stories with more concern for click rates than providing real news.

And, as I say, the saddest thing about this is that, as well as appalling decisions being made off the back of this nonsense, the spreading of this ignorance, accidentally or otherwise will lead to more people smoking, more people dying from smoking and a small group of people that don’t give a rat’s rectum about people’s health, making a lot of money.

Not quite sure what the point was but, yeah, it’s off my chest now.

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All the anger has gone now, definitely

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It’s not the vaping they want to stop, it’s the lack of smoking

Vaped crusader Smoking

Last night I made a decision, as I often do on Sunday evenings, to get an early night and then be up at the crack of dawn to go and punish myself down the gym.      The minor annoyance that getting up early causes is soon dissipated by the day long buzz of having exercised.  Typically a winning situation.

However, last night, having just written the first post for my “vaped crusader” blog, my mind was filled with a myriad of possibilities as to what this blog could potentially achieve and, as a result, rather than drifting off into a blissful sleep, one thought kept running around my head.

“It’s not the vaping they want to stop, it’s the lack of smoking”

I stopped smoking in around 2011 and made the switch to vaping.  Back then it was still a relatively new thing as far as the wider world was concerned.  There were no vape shops, every pub – even Wetherspoons – seemed to allow vaping on their premises and there were no lurid headlines in the “popular” press that, incorrectly, screamed of the dangers to society that electronic cigarettes posed.

Unknown as they were, most articles you would have seen at the time would have been positive, after all, this was an invention that mimicked the effects of smoking without many of the downsides.   It was something that, in theory, the world had been waiting for.  Tobacco, after all was and still is the biggest preventable cause of death on the planet.

Now, we live in different times, times which are about to get even worse as far as vaping is concerned.   Not because new evidence has emerged that shows how evil and dangerous these things are but because the public perception has been altered by mass produced lies, written and distributed by those with a vested interest in keeping the world smoking.

And this is where the basis of this thought came from.   Vaping is not the problem.   It wasn’t the problem in 2011 and, despite a few minor incidents of exploding mods or nasty chemicals being found in certain brands of e-liquid, it certainly doesn’t pose any greater a threat to our society now as it did then and certainly offers all of the benefits of tobacco harm reduction as before.

We, as human beings, do far many more damaging things to ourselves – and our planet – than vaping and I don’t see anywhere near the level of antagonism from politicians and the media towards, say, hand gliding, fast food, alcohol or the burning of fossil fuels.

The problem is that, due to the popularity of vaping, tobacco sales have dropped below any previously recorded level.   Tobacco brings in a lot of tax.    It also causes a lot of diseases, diseases which have to be treated with expensive medicines.   Expensive medicines that make large pharmaceutical companies a lot of money.   And therein lies the problem.

Governments are perfectly ok with people “trying” to stop smoking by using “medically approved” nicotine replacement therapy which they know doesn’t work but, because e-cigs (in the main) aren’t produced by their tobacco and pharma buddies, they must be stopped or must be cast in such a bad light that demand for them drops.

The bigger picture is that governments couldn’t care less what you do to yourself as long as your actions don’t upset the status quo. (we all know Rick Parfitt gets a bit touchy).   If a few thousand people vaped, as was probably the case in 2011, it’ll be ignored and classed as a fringe activity.  Now that few thousand has turned into a couple of million, suddenly there’s a problem, not because of what they are doing (vaping) but because of what they’re not doing (smoking)

It’s not the vaping they want to stop, it’s the lack of smoking!

A world without Motorbike Helmets

I originally wrote this post as an update on the “vapers against ecig bans” group on Facebook and, due to the positive response, found myself motivated to write this blog.

My privacy settings on Facebook made it impossible to share so, as this is now on WordPress and readily shareable (is that a word), you can spread it around to your hearts content.

A world without motorbike helmets

Vaped Crusader Motorbike Helmet

Hypothetically, let’s say we lived in a world where motorbike helmets didn’t exist. For as long as the motorbike had existed, motorbikers had been smashing their heads open and, invariably dying or suffering life changing injuries as a result.

Then someone invented the crash helmet.

This allowed bikers to enjoy many of the pleasures of biking but with a reduced risk. The numbers of biker deaths fell.

Then, some supposedly well intended politician noticed that, increasingly, more young people were taking up motorbikes, possibly because of the attractiveness of the crash helmets.

Seeing a direct link between the availability and bright shiny colours of crash helmets and the increase in young people taking up the dangers of motorbike riding, the politician passes a law which bans the use of crash helmets. He can sleep easy at night, knowing he’s prevented lots of vulnerable people from getting involved with motorbikes and both the existing bikers and young bikers are left with the original, more dangerous alternative.

Now, you would like to think that wouldn’t happen. I mean how ridiculous would it be for a government to ban crash helmets because they’re supposedly encouraging non bikers to start riding motorbikes.

Not quite as ridiculous as many politicians attitudes to vaping.

*cough* Mark Drakeford

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