Unattended Battery Charger Causes House Fire

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.30.27 PM

A father of two suffered horrific
burns to his face and arms after leaving
a rechargeable battery UNATTENDED
whilst charging.

The 30-year-old said it felt like
someone had held a blow torch to his
face during the 4.30am ordeal.



A blowtorch












He frantically put out the flames
with a pillow and gathered up his two
young kids and fiancee to get them
out of the house.
Despite repeated warnings in the
media NOT to leave batteries charging
whilst unattended, Kevin SLEPT
with the battery charging on his PILLOW.



A pillow – deadly if held over the face, choked with or repeatedly hit until eventually it caused a graze which turned infected

A source from the local fire department
“Every year, thousands of house
fires are caused by people leaving battery
chargers unattended. We urge
the public to thoroughly familiarise
themselves with the safety information
surrounding these products, to
always use the correct charger and
NEVER to sleep while their batteries
are charging. This includes mobile
phones, tablet computers, electronic
cigarettes – in fact anything with a
rechargeable battery”
Do YOU think rechargeable batteries
should be BANNED? Click below
to vote in our poll.

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So, obviously this is a fake headline but, apart from the comment from the fake fire service “source” (like any “sources” in newspapers are ever real people), the rest of the story is true.

It’s a horrible thing to happen and the poor victim has my deepest sympathies.

Accidents happen all the time.   Caused by people, caused by nature, caused by pets, caused by electrical items, caused by CARS, for gods sake, there’s thousands of those kind of accidents EVERY DAY

But none of these things  (apart from the major ones) make the news.   In fact, if the headline in a newspaper appeared as the one in this post, it would barely make the first few pages of a local paper, let alone a large national paper with a huge readership.

The poor chap that’s the focus of this story has been vilified, abused and criticised online, not only is he having to deal with the injuries, he’s having to deal with an onslaught of vapers hurling crap at him.   People are angry that yet another story has come out that will be used by those in power to shape their ill informed decisions and read by the public who are becoming increasingly intolerant of vaping as a result.

I don’t want to get into the in’s and out’s of battery safety or user error or any of that business, it’s happened, what can he and us learn from it?

1 – Don’t leave charging batteries unattended
2 – If you don’t follow number 1 and cause a fire, please don’t sell your story to the papers

Vape safely people!

And thanks to everyone that has read my blog so far, shared it, commented on it and all that jazz.    The vaping community is getting despondent, we’ve not lost the fight.

And, even if they think they’ve won, we’ll do it anyway!


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Don’t drink the Water



I saw this picture on facebook recently, it followed a similar image I saw describing the dangers of oxygen.

Whilst there is both humourous and scientific entertainment value to be gleaned from the photo what I like about it is that it exposes the ridiculousness of the common or garden anti vaping meme or link that gets rattled around the interweb by Daily Fail readers .

The point is, behind all of the click grabbing headlines about popcorn lung and cancer, EVERYTHING is harmful to  you – at a certain point.

Likewise EVERYTHING is not harmful to you – at a certain point.

  • Arsenic – not harmful to you – at a certain point
  • Cyanide – not harmful to you – at a certain point
  • Nicotine – YOU GET THE PICTURE

Some Arsenic, yesterday (looks like a transformers dick)

And on the flipside – all of these things will kill you – at a certain point (this is not an exhaustive list)

oranges, water, air, oxygen, milk, potatoes, cheese, broccoli, pasta, ice cream, apples, crisps (chips if you’re in the U States of America), cereal bars, pot noodles, your own fingernails, life.

I said it wasn’t an exhaustive list.

So, whilst I do not encourage the sharing of ANY anti vaping propaganda, I do encourage the sharing of any photos that parody the stupidity of the bad science these trashy media outlets regurgitate

Share, comment, like, love, hate, speak, FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO VAPE!!!!!!




Renormalising Normal


I watch films.   Some new films, some old films, some kind of in the middle films.   In summary, films from all ages.

And frequently in these films I see people – I think they’re called Actors, smoking.   Yes, that’s right, SMOKING (dramatic music of some kind)

Evil, evil SMOKING (more dramatic music)

So, we all know SMOKING is evil, yeah.   For me I’ve known smoking was evil, way back to the 1980’s when there were those superman posters with him battling “Nick O’ Teen” – an 80 a day or so smoker, quite possibly Irish with that surname who, for some reason, wanted to get everyone smoking.

Of course Superman always beat him, firstly because he’s Superman and secondly even a non-superman could beat an 80 a day smoker in a fight.

But, that aside, I know Smoking is evil, we all know smoking is evil but, you still see it in the movies.

Yes, probably a lot less than back in heady days of the 1950’s when everyone smoked in films, even children but still, smoking is a normal image in movies.kid-smoking

As it is on TV programmes.  And on the street, loads of people are doing it on the street, mainly because they can’t smoke indoors but you still see lots and lots of people smoking.

We know it’s unhealthy but, still, it is considered and, let’s face it always will be considered normal behaviour.

When you see a smoker you think “urgh, god that’s unhealthy”   You don’t think “Urgh, god that’s not normal”

So where does this notion of “Re-normalising” smoking come from.?

If vaping is “renormalising” smoking, please tell me, when did smoking stop becoming normal?  I want an exact date and time please.  Or at least a survey.   Yes, survey some people.   Even just 10 people.

1 Question, 2 Options:

Is smoking normal:


Actually, I’ll save you having to do the survey – IT’S NORMAL.

So you can’t renormalise something that’s normal.

There you go Mr Mark Drakeford – there’s the sort of version of science you can get your head around.    Use that in your policy making.




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Like superman.   Or Batman.  I’m getting my DC characters mixed up.