Don’t share lies



So, assuming we’ve all been on the internet a while, I’m sure you’ve all come across those shitty chain letter type social media posts.

“Forward this to 10 friends and something amazing will happen to you in the next 7 days and, if you don’t your feet will turn into parsnips”

Or something along those lines.

Well, most of us, or at least those of us with an element of logic or at the very least intelligence would think:

“This is just some crappy chain letter type thing, it has no control over my life, I shall just ignore it”

Those without logic or intelligence would forward it on, thereby perpetuating the situation by recruiting more logicless idiots to the cause.

No  harm done.

But, every time somebody shares that “E-Cigs Have 10x More Cancer Causing Ingredients Than Regular Cigarettes”  article, the potential harm could be far, far greater.

This article – with the exact same picture – has been doing the rounds for over a year at least now.


And, for every smoker that sees that, there’s a very strong chance they won’t make the switch to a far, far less harmful alternative.

There’s a very strong chance they won’t stop smoking

There’s a very strong chance they’ll die from smoking

So, when you share that article, you are sharing lies, you are sharing propaganda.  You are sharing the results of a flawed “scientific” study that was designed by people with a predetermined outcome in mind

  • to put people off electronic cigarettes, get them back on either pharmaceutically approved nicotine therapies or keep them smoking so they funnel lots of lovely tax money back into the government’s pockets

Do your research, don’t share sensationalist BULLSHIT

It’s not a matter of ridiculous chain-letter superstition, it’s a matter of people’s lives



please communicate!, debate, agree, disagree, shout, rant, encourage, share, campaign, fight, change!


and please follow me on twitter, I’ll follow back, let’s get a movement going!






6 thoughts on “Don’t share lies

  1. Thanks for the post. I think another thing to bear in mind that one of the reasons that anti e-cig articles are created is for click bait. The articles are shared on social media, outraged vapers come to visit, share the article with other vapers.

    Many sites are paid per impression, so the visits and the commenting (which often involve several more impressions) lead to additional advertising revenue. Still, it’s a difficult balance to make – do we ignore the articles, or do we try to counteract them with fact (knowing that some people will see them whatever we say?) Would be interested to hear your thoughts on this.


    • you’re right, it is a difficult one. People will be naturally inclined to read and forward that rubbish on as you say. Unless there’s a universal consensus to never share any anti vaping articles but then people (such as myself) will feel compelled to comment and….

      It’s a mind boggling paradox, a chicken and egg situation and one I’d never considered before


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  3. I just started a website about vaping and I’m still in the early stages… I need to produce more content. Anyway, I came across your blog here about the lies people are mass sharing to create scare & I completely agree with you it infuriates me, as I know first hand how vaping is created the best pathway to quiting smoking. I was wondering is it OK if I share this information and post on my webpage? Thank you for helping to keep people informed! 👍
    Melissa @


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